Dublin calling on Budget Day.

Seems like a good day to run off some figures. We are currently seeded 9th in the O’Hanlon, so residing in 11th place means we can improve. Sadly, our fixtures up to Christmas pits us against the top 3 rated teams in the league, so our Immediate short term Outlook is not Good.! Knowing how every point counts, it is unlikely that any of the top teams will be charitable towards us, therefore we will have to earn whatever we get. Were the Chancellor allowed to view our numerical projected statistics…he would be hard pressed to suggest with any confidence, that we would score any more than 1 or 2 points…………..in the games in Total. Statistics suggest that three 0’s in a row are not without the bounds of possibility, as we will be heavily outgraded on every board.. Could this season get any worse? …yes, but we won’t go there just yet?!

Dublin almost whitewashed Bray last game, (yes, the same Bray team who beat us) and they will be very keen to have a better result against us……….simple Maths suggest that they will play their home team which is stronger than their travelling team. The evidence suggests an easy stroll in the Capital for the Dubliners next Tuesday, but unlike the Gaelic football  teams who melt when facing Dublin, Captain Mark knows that his young team will give their All……………………..even the Pensionable Dinosaur has a Roar or two left in his lungs. We can take confidence in matching Drogheda most of the way, and perhaps we can pick up something. ….the flu? …a parking ticket?? ….early Christmas Shopping??….but some points would do nicely.

Our Season will really begin in January, when, with the exception of Malahide, we will face teams of comparable strength. Naomh Barrog’s win over Gorey makes our task of staying up even harder, but if they can have a surprisingly good result, then so can we!!  Go to it guys!!


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