Individual Championship 2016 – Blanchardstown Chess Club

Indi Champ – Blanch Chess – 2016Purpose: Define the Club Champion of Classical Chess by each year. Create tradition. Build and maintain good relationship between the Club Members. Offer an opportunity for Junior players too at any level to play in a “league”, and so to increase the level of both experience and motivation by the chance of getting promoted to higher ranked groups.

Fixture and venue: No fixture and venue defined. Each player might organise her/his game to get it played before deadline at the most suitable time and venue. All players have to complete one game each month, deadline for the 1st round is the 31st of Jan, etc.

Time control: Group A -> 1 hour + 30 sec/move ; Groups B, C, D, etc -> 30 min + 30 sec/move

Entry until: 31.12.2015 / to:
Entries should include following information: name, e-mail, ICU rating, ICU registration number
Entry fee: No entry fee (An entry fee of € 10 might be paid by players not completing the tournament).

Rating: No ICU or FIDE rating applies. Juniors completing the competition receive extra points in their logbook as per the club’s ladder system, juniors getting promoted the higher group receive double points.

“Group set up, promotion, relegation: Each group will count 10 players, and at the first ever season (2016) all players will be graded based on their ICU rating (as of the 1st of Jan). After the completion of the group stages the top 5 players of each group will face the bottom 5 players of the higher ranked group, and decide in 2 games about promotion and relegation. (See cross table below for pairing system.) Depending on number of entries, age groups
might apply for Junior sections.”

Tournament controller: Gábor Bölkény

Click here to download a PDF of the table:

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