Change to Junior club (we are not meeting 24 September)

Unfortunately, an issue arose with the insurance at our new premises in Mountview and the practical effect is that we cannot meet this Saturday.

So please note that there is no junior chess at Mountview Community Centre on 24th September 2022.

Updates on meeting times will be circulated on our Junior Parents WhatsApp group so it is easiest to join the parents Whatsapp group and you will get more instant information!


Thank you to Mariada Fidunza, Susan Looby and Charles Eder for helping us find a home for the junior club! Mountview have been very helpful and the team there are great and Kathryn the manager is a great guide for us.

It is really appreciated and it is simply great that we still exist as a club after the huge problems the covid-era has caused in every walk of life. FIDE the World chess federation has a motto – “Gens una sumus”, which I always think is apt for our children as they now move to meet in their chess club setting – we are all one family.

I will post details of the first meeting date for the juniors when I have that.

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