Bunratty Time again!

From the morose to happy time again………………….reporting & not playing….Yippee!!….but other members are…..enjoy!!

A few shocks in the Masters already. Killian Delaney should have put GM Nigel Short to the sword, but missed the win in the endgame and drew…a nice game to watch on the live boards….and still a fantastic result for Killian. A few other Masters also did not have things their own way with Anthony Bourached beating FM Philip Short. Not bad for someone who only went down to have fun……..bet he’s having a lot of fun now!!! We’d love to see the game sometime, and Anthony now faces IM Paul Wallace of Australia who already has some GM norms……….you know what to do Anthony……………kick him!! ….he’ll be used to that with all the kangaroos down under….but he might kick back. Anthony’s mum is a valued member of our O’Hanlon team, and he attends our matches to cheer us up, so he’s one of us. A mixed bag in the Challengers with Marius winning, Luke & Danny drawing, and Rudolf losing. No one in the Majors and almost a near perfect score in the Minors. Maciej got off to a great start by beating someone 400 points higher…..(you might be playing for the O’Hanlon team sooner than you think young man), Mark entered nose-bleed land by doing something unusual……winning, but in all fairness, it’s been coming and well done to the Captain. Phyllis drew her game and hubby Eid decided that if you can’t beat them….join them,  and he won too. So all in all, a nice report to write at 3 in the morning. Well done to you all.

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