Bunratty latest.

Round 2 certainly had its share of upsets. Anthony Bourached decided that beating an FM was not enough, then accounted for an IM and another huge scalp. Yahoo!!
Sign him up Mark. He is currently playing IM Thomas Rendle…so no prizes for guessing who we’re supporting. GM Nigel Short would probably not even make the Gonzaga team nowadays, as young Henry Li followed his clubmate earlier and drew with the famous Englishman. Our clubmates fared better in the Challengers today with Rudy & Luke winning, Danny drawing and Marius going down. Only Padraig Dwyer succeeded in the Minors following his loss to young Maciej yesterday, apologies for missing him out. Maciej drew this morning, and everyone else followed the Captain’s example…………Clue….neither a win or a draw.? Let’s hope that the members will continue to do us proud.

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