Breaking News……!!


Have we received a Ransom demand for the Chairman?
Have the lost pens & keyboards of the first team been found??…not that they would know what they were for anyway!!
Has Mark got an unchanged team??………no, unfortunately nothing as dramatic as any of the above…….

The Senior Club Nights are moving to Saturday’s between 3-5.30 pm or 15.00-17.30 for those who have 24 hr clocks……with IMMEDIATE effect. This means that the Juniors can bash up the Seniors with more frequency now?…….No!….the Seniors will play in another room….ah I get it…..the Juniors can bash us up for an hour and then go and devour each other?…No…the times mean that we remain separate, but you can just see us having a Seniors v Juniors Match at some point….now that would be good!!

The Gonzaga Classic starts on Friday and Good luck to our Club representatives…Rudolf & Sean in the Masters; Mark & the Dinosaur in the Championship; Matthew, Maciej & Emilliana in the Challengers:

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