Blanchardstown A in the O’Sullivan Cup. & Bash the Club Month!!

Niamh and her Grading Prize

Blanchardstown are in the process of entering 3 teams in the O’Sullivan Cup, and have picked the highly original ABC to differentiate between the teams. We of the A squad are comprised solely of Girls. It will be fun as we try and compete. We will enjoy ourselves, and learn…perhaps we could even make a boy or two cry?? The team is Emily, Emilliana, Aisling and Maria. Gemma will be involved as will the Dinosaur, and we wish them every success.

It must be the Bash Blanchardstown month, as we were told on Saturday………you won’t win any games in the O\Sullivan…..thank you for your vote of confidence  Guys!!?

If you go to, you can also see Kevin Burke and Tim Harding have both attended the Alex Ferguson school of Mind games as they debate St Benildus’s clear win against our team in the  O’Hanlon relegation decider next month, whilst accusing us of bending the rules.

We know the result is a forgone conclusion, as we’ve lost the nucleus of our team and their replacements. Of course, they don’t mention that, or the fact that the schools/universities can call numerous people to sub up, whilst most of the Chess Clubs are diminishing in number in Ireland. We’re not diminishing, but it’s going to take a couple of years to see the gap being bridged with the Juniors making the step up.

Also, the following of the Sir Alex Ferguson role of having flexible rules for different occasions of which they know better than most……………….yet they’re moaning? Have they not got anything better to do? One would have expected something better from 2 experienced chess players, one of whom is a Controller, the other a semi professional.!!. .obviously not!!  Look at Gonzaga who have a french GM on board one ….what’s he studying at Gonzaga? ……….French??

Whatever the debate about Sir Alec’s long reign as Manchester manager………….one things for certain……he did not have a Fragile Ego!!

Girls…bring the hankies for the boys!!!!

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