Annual General Meeting – June 11th

Please note that the Club Annual General Meeting will be held on June 11th, 9pm at Bradys Castleknock Inn.
Follow this link for directions.


Please send the club secretary (Manolis) any Motions or Nominations for consideration at the AGM. Please feel free to suggest anything we should have on the Agenda.

Committee members – positions to filled in 2015/16

There are some slight changes proposed, to make some role redundant. For example we had too many Vice Chair positions and Membership Officer is changing because we now use automatic entry via web (no paper!).

1. Chairman:
2. Secretary:
3. Treasurer:
4. Child protection:
5. LCU Delegate & coordinator (super captain)
6. Lead Fundraiser
7. Youth captain
8. Senior club leader
9. Junior club leader
10. Webmaster & membership officer
11. Tournament and Event director
12. Junior Coaching Leader

I would specifically ask that Parents and Players now consider expressing an interest in a committee position. All members can nominate a person or person(s) to the committee. Please do. Simply check that the person being nominated has time and possibility to take the position.

Non committee roles

We have traditionally treated the chess coaches as non-committee roles. That is because a person who coaches chess in the Club need not even be a member of the Club.

Chess coaches:
Junior club ladder officer:

Our Teams in Leinster leagues (2015/16)

Heidenfeld :
Bodley A :
Bodley B :
O Sullivan A :

For 215/16, we might have scope to enter another team in the O Sullivan Cup if we find an adult willing to be Captain. What we know it all works best if a “Parent/Child combination” acts as the foundation for a new team i.e. they are 2 players and they just need to find 4 others ‘reliable’!
Training and help provided!

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