Alright at the ALSAA.

Our Leinster league campaign ends on Sunday the 23rd of April at the Alsaa. Sadly, there may be no happy ending for our young Armstrong team whatever their result whilst the Bea team will experience the other side of the coin should they score highly in their final match. The delight at reaching the pinnacle top division last season has simply dissolved over rulings, call-offs, no shows & personal disappearances that would grace the great magicians of yesteryear. Sadly, another explanation could be the pushing of the self destruct button, and that is precisely what has happened, leaving our young team and Captain exposed and isolated. The Armstrong division is no place for the inexperienced to thrive, and we have to regroup and consolidate in the Heidenfeld, before aiming to return…stronger than before, like Benildus and the Curragh this season. Our Club’s ethos is built on youth and talent, and the players are all good enough to return to the top table in the near future…no doubt on that one!
For the older Bea squad, there has been a reversal of fortunes, and far fewer players used. However, the past 2 matches -where certain defeat seemed the most plausible outcome, particularly at Inchicore- they have shown what a strong team spirit can do as the gaining of vital and unlikely points have put the Bea team 1 point ahead of the overwhelming favourites Dublin University. Strong nerves will be required on the final day before the Cup’s destination is decided, but we already know we have the nerve to dig out results when the going gets tough. Promotion is already assured, but it would be nice to enter the OHanlon as Cup winners. To everyone who has represented the Club this year, ….we are all so proud of you,

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