Two Mad Minutes

Sean McLoughlin (on the right)

The Champions Gonzaga came calling and soon raced into a 4-0 lead. Luke succumbed yesterday in a noisy hotel somewhere; Danny just could not get going against his strong opponent; Gabor decided to attack from an inferior position, but Killian is not the Irish Blitz Champion for nothing…and got in first; Steve found his clock moving faster than his opponent’s so thing were looking ropey. Mufasser put a point on the board by combining Rook & Queen in which David Murray had to concede. Sean from the Bea team was up a pawn vs Eoghan Casey and holding his own. Randolph an exchange down playing the highly talented Henry Li, threw 2 Bishop’s, Knight, Rook and Queen against Henry’s defences, and Rudolf was looking good on board 2. Now it looked odds on to gain a couple of more points, as Randolph went material up, whilst still maintaining the attack. Sean offered a draw with his opponent’s clock near its end. Rudolf’s game becoming more complicated by the minute, still, who would deliver some much needed extra points. We were all getting hopeful, and in the space of 2 minutes…..Tragedy & Disaster…the dreaded hero to zero Curse swept in faster than a North wind. Sean’s opponent wriggled away from a Bishop/Rook attempted mate, and wandered up the board to join his Queen/Rook in a mating net. Rudolf played eeny-meeny-miney-moe with 3 queenside pawns, and found the wrong combination. Randlph was powering home, another Rook to the good, and in trying to avoid checks wandered onto an open file, where his own Queen fell on the corner of the board.
Overall, a 1-7 defeat, which leaves matters finely poised at the wrong end of the table. You all did well guys….be proud.


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