Status Quo.

Ancients 15 minute all play all

The Vineyard was rocking when the top two performed their top of the table Clash yesterday evening. Piotr was first to finish when after playing a wonderful solo performance, got caught in a Jam, when Harriet hit the high note by skewering his King & Rook with a Bishop check. Sorry seemed to be the hardest word, but the overwhelming title favourites were a point to the Johnny B Good. Gavin serenaded Diarmiud’s king with two Rooks and a Knight, after blasting his way through the barricades ala Orchestral Manouevres….like Joan of Arc, the white king lost its life in the flames of a forthcoming mate. Status Quo rules! A Bohemian Rhapsody was the musical on board one,in a fascinating game which swung many ways, before Sean’s pawn was screaming I want to be free……but Chris’s king position ensured that a Queen in any shape or form would not be making their zillionth comeback, the only draw on the night. Status Quo persists. The 2 Roberts performed their own piece in a Rolling Stones medley: another match which could have had any outcome. With much shoving and pushing in a huge battle of wills,  I can’t get no ….Satisfaction as 2 unconnected pawns on the Seventh rank were not enough to counter a lone Knights version of Jumping Jack Flash and the University had edged ahead once more. Phil Collins will be coming to the O2 for a concert this year….yet John and Stefan were playing his song titles on the board as both players showed their True Colours. White, solid, slightly passive, Black aggressively making sure it would not rain down pawns on him as he took them all. Only snag was…it cost a piece and having sacked a Rook for a Bishop earlier in the game, could John against all odds hold out. Even with time trouble looming, with 1 Rook pinning, the other Rook danced into the swapping light and both sides of the story showed..Status Quo maintained their position, as the league position and point differential remain unchanged. From both sides of the story, the University would be the happier of the 2 teams at the end of an absorbing contest.

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