October Blitz tournament – results

Well done to all the players who participated in the October blitz tournament. The event was won by John Delaney. A lot of our top juniors were close behind! The first 13 players won prizes!

Check our club calendar for information on when the next Club blitz is planned! Our club calendar describes upcoming events. It is updated and published on the website in the first week of every month.

Tournament results – after round 5

1John Delaney5.0M0 *0011111
2Finn Cummins4.0M0 *0010111
3Murray Liu4.0M0 *0010111
4Sreeyan Andhurthi4.0M0 *0010111
5Joseph Sotarianda3.5M0 *00111½0
6Sankeerth Maturu3.5M0 *00011½1
7Balu3.5M0 *00111½0
8Jackie Liu3.0M0 *0010110
9Daniel Szczech3.0M0 *0001101
10Jacopo3.0M0 *0000111
11Paul O’Farrell3.0M0 *0001011
12Foad Khoury3.0M0 *0011100
13Tanmayee3.0M0 *0011001
14Gabor3.0M0 *001011
15Rohan Pallerla2.5M0 *00011½0
16Sam Whelan2.0M0 *0000011
17Ewen Macy Hogan2.0M0 *0000110
18Philip Sotaridona2.0M0 *0010010
19Samhith Maturu2.0M0 *0000101
20Sam Gallagher2.0M0 *0000101
21Pearse Loison2.0M0 *0011000
22Ronith Shankar2.0M0 *0011000
23Dhruv Sama2.0M0 *0001001
24Eltho2.0M0 *001010
25Marcus Macy Hogan1.0M0 *0000001
26John Sotarianda1.0M0 *0010000
27Cillian O’Farrell1.0M0 *0010000
28Akshath Pallerla1.0M0 *0000010
29Vikranth Goshikonda1.0M0 *0001000
30Therese0.0M0 *0000000

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