May Junior Blitz

Blanchardstown Casual 6th May 2023

Full results of the Junior Blitz event are shown on the table below.

A word of thanks and explanation

First off, I would like to thank Andrew (our Controller), Carl and Mariada (our Child Protection officer) for their help in running the event. Both the parents/guardians and junior members really appreciate you!

Our junior club Blitz event is a type of speed chess event. Players have a very short time available to make all their moves (only 5 minutes each). These are called Blitz events by the chess community. It helps our juniors get used to the clock and rules for formal tournaments in a fun way. That said it is highly competitive! We run this type of event each month.

Results and introducing some of our junior players

Congratulations to Eldho and Pearse. They came equal first in the tournament. It took three play off games before, with seconds to go before the room was closed and everyone went home, that Eldho won the third tie break game! I don’t think this is the first time that both Eldho and Pearse have topped our monthly Blitz! They are super chess players.

Reuben (oh, such a sad loss in round 2….) and Rugile have won our events previously and will be disappointed today. Incidentally, some of our newest members did super well. Once they get used to playing with the clock, they may well do even better next month!


The full list of results are shown below.

1Eldho Bibin4.0M0 *001111
2Pearse Loison4.0M0 *001111
3Reuben O’Brien3.0M0 *001011
4Rugile Ignataviciute3.0F0 *001110
5Lucas Ciobanasu3.0M0 *001011
6Owen Dunphy3.0M0 *001011
7Finn Cummins3.0M0 *001101
8Balu Plakiyil3.0M0 *001110
9Carl Peralta3.0M0 *000111
10Evan Danan3.0M0 *001011
11Alex Wierzbicki3.0M0 *001101
12Kamillia Ghukasyan3.0F0 *00+0++
13Gabriel Sikharulidze2.5M0 *0011½0
14Adam McAlester2.5M0 *0011½0
15Max Kotlyarov2.0M0 *000110 forf
16David Sikharulidze2.0M0 *001010
17Prakshaj Patidar2.0M0 *000110
18Charlie chen2.0M0 *000101
19Yan Baranovsky2.0M0 *000110 forf
20Darren Chen2.0M0 *001001
21Roberto Jakab2.0M0 *000101 forf
22Vennela Vemulapalli2.0F0 *000101
23Neil Lu2.0M0 *000101
24Omar Ibrahim2.0M0 *000011
25Sofia Romila2.0F0 *000011
26Lucy Cassidy2.0F0 *001010
27Victor Grygier2.0M0 *001100
28Nathan Mooney2.0M0 *001100
29Mason Mooney2.0M0 *000+10
30Victor Mitkov1.5M0 *0000½1
31Prisha Kejriwal1.0F0 *000100
32Nathan Job1.0M0 *00½00½
33Anna Ryan1.0F0 *001000
34Dawid Fras1.0M0 *000100
35Justin Wang1.0M0 *000010
36Eryk Gec1.0M0 *001000 forf
37Daria Roila1.0M0 *0000½½
38Philip Batoura1.0M0 *000001
39Harry Wright0.5M0 *00½000
40Madalina Morari0.0F0 *000000
41Divit Readdy Gaddam0.0M0 *000000

Information note re Seniors : meeting time: Monday evening (7.30pm)

This is simply a short note to help newer members who are aged 12 and older and might be interested in also attending on Monday evenings. when the senior club meets.

Monday is for Adults and especially our older juniors (12 and older), we run a chess club from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. It is held in the same room as our Saturday chess. These senior players prepare for playing in long time control chess tournaments and meet together to learn openings, exchange ideas and play friendly games.

Occasionally our experienced players will give a chess talk or show how to use training software.

It is fun so feel free to come along especially if you are 12 or older. Younger players can attend only if they are accompanied by parents/guardians and are in some way themselves seeking to play rated chess games e.g. Irish Junior events or Leinster Junior events.

Please note: Parents/guardians must accompany juniors on Mondays.

Report by John Delaney

Blanchardstown Chess club committee member

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