Leinster Juniors Guys & Gals…and Jurassic World!!!

To all our Club members who will be competing in the up-coming…Leinster Junior Championships, we would like to convey our very best wishes. Should any of the parents/kids/staff like to submit a report, I’d happily put it up on the Club website. It may be delayed due to other events taking place. Methinks the Stillorgan hotel is going to be rather busy over the next few days as there is a GM Norm tournament; an IM Norm tournament and the Irish Veteran’s Chess Championship being run at the same time.
No doubt somebody somewhere will be offended at the title of Jurassic World, (sensitive souls that they are??) but I’m sure that’s a lot better than being called WCM Gearoidin Ui Laiglais & the 40 Grumpy Old Men…….more commonly known as Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and a heck of a better title than Stillorgan’s Senility Holiday Home for Chess Nerds!!.  Heck, if you look closely enough, you will spot a few Dinosaurs in the undergrowth…….Blanchardstown has it’s very own taking part (God help him!!) and there is a rumour that a Veteran FM will throw his hat into the fray…watch this space!! Should that happen….then my money is on the hat being eaten!!

Have fun everyone….and a Happy New Year!!

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