Kilkenny induced rating changes.

Ancients 15 minute all play all

Sean rises a whopping 173 points to 1828. Danny rises a very useful 51 to 1731. Gavin slips a bit, down to 1395 whilst Mark CRASHES through the four figure barrier faster than a speeding bullet and onto 1001. …note the one folks!! All in all, a successful showing from our four contestants. What does this mean regarding the Leinster leagues? The Official word has stated…..”as the leagues are used solely on the ratings at September, players will remain classified as such.”…in other words, there is NO CHANGE, which is very good news for our title chasing Bea team. What shall our Captain say about this? ……..all I can see through the binoculars is a wee Scotsman happily jumping up & down on the horizon…he does NOT look very DOUR at all!!

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