Dutch Fun Blitz

Seven protagonists descended to Corduff to compete in the first of the Specified Blitz competitions. This was an all play all Dutch. Round 1 saw FM John Delaney fall to the Bea Captain in a slick 4 move mating sequence. This would have been more noteworthy were Stefan to have any idea at all at what was happening…….he didn’t!?…but any win will do!! John subsequently retired until the last round when he suitably punished Luke Scott for his new hairstyle and colouring which can generously be described as Lionel Messi with bright blonde hair being conscripted into the Army.. Fellow Armstrong captain, Randolph is Dutch, and was stunned into silence……no doubt contemplating buying anti-glare Glasses for their first match next week. Mark competed manfully throughout, giving everyone a tough time. Stephen newly wandered into the Club and got a typical welcome…….lots of zeroes!!! Manolis added new meaning to the well known Chess phrase…… “Greeks bearing gifts,” by pinching all the points. No Manolis, you’re meant to give them away!! For the more serious minded, the final scores were Manolis 5, Stefan 3, Randolph 2, Luke 2, Mark 1 Stephen 1 and John 1…and that folks…was that!!

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