D Day time announced for the Heidenfeld and O’Hanlon teams.

Next month should see the final fates of the Heidenfeld/O’Hanlon teams as the Leinster league concludes for both of us early Sunday afternoon on the 29th April as we start our matches at 10 am at the Alsaa.

The Secret Silent Order of the Heidenfeld squad are in the mix for promotion as Phibsboro decided to beat Elm Mount, and that helps our Non Communicative First team. With a couple of tough games against a rapidly improving Dun Laoghire, and a potential title decider against Gonzaga, nerves will be a jangling, points will be at a premium and just maybe……..we’ll hear about it before the results come up in the league. As we’re both playing at the same time…perhaps we’ll have time to greet and meet before we head in opposite directions. It would be great if we could celebrate a promotion, even with the feared and dreaded Black McLoughlin’s, but that is likely to be tempered with a sure relegation for Mark’s squad.

The O’Hanlon Captain has given his team a simple brief….don’t lose a game within the first hour, and considering that has happened in nearly every game this season, it’s unlikely to change now. To be frank, we have 4 players available, and that may be all we can muster considering that some of the so-called replacements have already jumped ship ……..(thanks guys: -you know who you are, and so do we!!)……..that news should cheer up the Superior Professor Emeritus from the University……………….whatever his name is??. It is no secret that Mark will be paying close attention to the Juniors in the O’Sullivan teams, as he is clearly preparing for the future. We know our fate already, and any Pressure of being competitive for a last game decider has long dissipated along with most of our team. Still, we have some points to play for in a winner takes all, ………….perhaps we can raise our games and survive the first hour!!

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