Club Championship latest. Bea team 1 Armstrong team 1.

First up was Stefan v Luke, and ‘an easy win for Luke seemed on the cards. A bright start saw Luke on the defensive, and given the history of these two, how ironic and fitting that the game should turn on the 13th move. A less than optimum knight move allowed Luke to obtain dark square control a pawn to the good, and rather than wait for the inevitable squashing to follow, Stefan activated his pieces for a Blitzcrieg kingside attack…….his only problem being …… one move behind. A Queen swap was refused, as Luke began to exert central board control, and another less than good knight move was duly punished with an equally rapid mate. Post-match analysis revealed that the Rook to g5 instead,would have muddied the waters enough to allow the possibility of an error, as a strong attack was looming, but this was overall, a clinical and emphatic win for the young man to move into a clear lead in his group. Bea honour was duly restored when Armstrong giant-killer Robert took on Gabor in the other match. A familiar pattern arose as both players developed normally, and an early knight sortie from Gabor was ignored by Robert who set up to control the f-file. Gabor’s knight was unable to retreat back without loss of tempo, and in the forced exchanges, Black was tied down. A simple pawn push on the Queenside allowed the snaffling of Black’s Queen, and Robert is on fire to lead his group. This Championship could be won by anyone……..unless his name happens to be Stefan…………..Boo-Hoo!!!!…..

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