Club Championship Draw.

Our inaugural Club Championship draw has produced 2 fascinating groups, from which shall emerge the top 2 players from each group on the completion date of 26/4/17.

The winners and runner’s up will contest the semi-finals and final in May.

Group 1 has Luke Scott; Sean McLoughlin; Mufasser Ghani; Stefan Baczkowski; Padraig Dwyer; Mark Cummins & John Comey.

Group 2 consists of FM John Delaney; Gabor Bolkeny; Danny Dwyer; Randolph Willem Bruin; Robert Mc Loughlin; Gavin Doyle & Vinajak Unitham.

Fixtures will be posted to the e-mails together with the rules of engagement.

Best of luck to everyone….have fun!




  1. Hi Everyone,

    You all have a fixture list, so feel free to arrange matches as it suits you. So long as all group games are finished on the 26th April, then we will have our Champion in May. Mark and I are starting our campaign next week.

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