Blanchardstown Blitz – Round 2

Tonight, on November 27th, the club members held their second Blitz event of the season. Many thanks to Ravi Shankar (Division 6) for running the event so well for us. He has a definite future as a Fide Arbiter….

This was a much closer event with Sreeyan leading throughout the event. Unfortunately he was caught in Round 6 by John Delaney, thus losing out on first place.

John Delaney was quoted as saying “Luckily the juniors don’t know too much opening theory, yet!!. I get by by playing lines that were popular in 1990s…… it won’t work for ever but for now it is just about enough. They are not familiar with such classics as Bronstein’s 1953 Zurich tournament book!! So I simply play the old lines, gain a time advantage as they work out what to do, and win through given the very fast time control”

Some super results are hidden in the crosstable and it is fair to say that adults and juniors were closely matched tonight.


1John Delaney5.5M0 *001½1111
2Sreeyan Andhurthi5.0M0 *00111110
3Gabor Bolkeny4.5M0 *001½1101
4Finn Cummins4.0M0 *00111001
5Balu Plakiyil4.0M0 *00011110
6Ayaansh Mulukutla4.0M0 *00101011
7Denis Barsila3.5M0 *00100½11
8Ronith Shankar3.0M0 *00110001
9Daniel Szczech3.0M0 *00001011
10Murray Liu3.0M0 *00100110
11Efim Bradu2.5M0 *00½10010
12Sam Harris2.5M0 *00½10010
13Dhruv Sama2.0M0 *00001100
14Pearse Loison2.0M0 *00010100
15Prisha Kejriwal2.0M0 *00000101
16Bhanu Sama1.5M0 *0001000½
17Trinesh Andhurthi1.5M0 *00001½00
18Manish Kejriwal0.5M0 *0000000½

Generated by Swiss Master for Windows 5.7 build 8 on 27-11-2023 at 22:37

Small technical note: if I scored the same points as another player, why am I shown as somehow behind them? Let us explain. Tie breaks are rather obscure but one system (Sonneborn-Berger) simply adds all the points scored by your opponents. If two players are on equal points but one played stronger opposition (so their sum of opponents final points is higher) then they are placed ahead of the player on equal points.

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  1. Well done to those who organised this event! Lookes like it was a tight competition for the podium indeed! Looking forward to play in the next one, since I couldn’t make it this time!

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