Blanch top team 2016 Heidenfeld campaign

Heidenfeld campaign is 9 rounds into the season.

Great results last two matches! The team scored 7-1 win’s against both the Inchicore A and B team and is now in contention for promotion to the Armstrong league and while we are at it; maybe to nick the Heidenfeld trofee.


In the Heidenfeld league matches are played over 8 boards. Thx to our subs we have been able to field a team for all matches and we are great-full that besides keeping a seat warm they also delivered some hard fought over points! With the recent arrival of our newest member Manuel we are able to field an even stronger line-up.

This is my game against Andrew Rodger


Danny also won and is on 5 out 7 now!

Blanch boys also topping the individual points table


Just 2 more rounds to go.

Good luck and enjoy lads,


  1. It would be astounding for our club to start in the lowest leagues of Leinster, and to win our way through to the Armstrong (Division 1) with such speed. Congratulations to Luke and Randolf who have guided the team for some seasons now.

    This is very significant achievement and important to ensure our talented young players are challenged at the highest levels possible. As Randolf mentions the Armstrong needs a team of 8 players and in time ahead our younger players will increasingly claim these places.

    I would add that one unique feature of our Club is that we have four teams competing well and are not simply a single team success.

    Bodley A is in line for promotion, ably led by Robbie Mcloughlin. Very impressive results, building to an assured promotion as the season closes.

    Bodley B, under John Comey, is very clearly improving as year goes along. Individual players on the team have had significant success in National Senior weekend tournaments and all team players improve as year goes along. This team is dominated by young players but the adults playing also improve and strengthen. A very competive team.

    Our O’Sullivan A team, led by Richard Gallery,is improving as the season develops and the players improve significantly as they play long time control games.This team will however be disadvantaged by a short season , only 7 rounds. Even with a short season it is visible that they collect more wins as season closes, so well done!!

    The success of the top team is therefore built on very solid club foundations ☺. None of it could happen without dedicated captains so our thanks to Stefan, Luke, John Comey, Randolf, Robbie and especially Richard who guides our next wave of talented players through that difficult first season which we all must experience.

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