Armstrong Mid Season Review.

Way back October, our Armstrong team had just run high flying Dublin very close…what a difference a few weeks can make?
Gonzaga are way out in front….no surprise there with IM Sam Collins & young GM giant-killer Henry Li in their squad. Dublin have proved to be a pleasant surprise, sitting in 2nd place just ahead of the University team. Elm Mount & St Benildus will no doubt be fighting for the higher places which leaves 7 teams separated by just 2.5 points. You don’t need a crystal ball to foresee the forthcoming mad scramble to gain the 5 remaining safety spots, which leaves 2 teams falling through the trapdoor. No doubt that many a player will be looking at the fixture list trying to figure out where points can be gained. Dun Laoghire have to play 4 of the top 5 teams with Phibsboro, Balbriggan, Kilkenny and ourselves facing 3 of them. Rathmines and Bray only have 2 to play, and seem to have the easier run-in. Are there any easy games against fellow strugglers? No…they will most certainly be atmospheric! Unfortunately, we are 1 of only 2 teams who have not won a game in the division yet, losing most of our matches, albeit closely, puts us deeply in the mix. At least it shall make the league interesting until the final match, which is more than we can say about the top of most of the leagues this season. So, here goes, stick head over the parapet and forecast …….this should be good………if not completely wrong. Winners….Gonzaga. Trapdoor shuffle…..Dun Laoghire/Phibsboro. Should anyone disagree, write in…..pass me the secrets and I’ll let our team captain know. We all are aware of Kilkenny’s plan…they do it every year!! Alternatively, you can let me know your opinion when all is done & finished, and I’ll remain quiet……………………at least until the leagues start up again!

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