“Anything you can do, I can do better” No you can’t!? Yes I can!!

We’re jumping up and down with Glee here and not just because we’re hearing a famous Musical song….following Luke’s earlier win over an FM, Rudolf has decided to follow in his footsteps by beating English FM Adam Taylor 2236 playing white the next day. Luke met his fourth Master in a row in the shape of American Konstantin Kavutskiy 2332, and was unable to replicate the same result. Luke has been unlucky not to add to his points tally so far. Anyway, Rudi’s win has elevated him to 2/4, tied 59th with the likes of GM’s Tiger Hillarp-Persson, Anna Ushenina, ex Woman’s World Champion, Oleg Romanishin & James Tarjan. However, when we look at the table, Rudi sits half a point above above GM Wang Hao rated 2701, and other GM’s such as Thomas Paehtz, Vishnu and Gagare. However, the lads won’t have it easy today…both play Black against IM Shinya Kojima 2399 and FM Paolo Formento 2326 respectively. Webelieve in you guys, and we’re very proud of your achievements………………..till you get back to the Club and then we’ll see what you can do.

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