5th April 2019 Update on Junior Club Ladder

Below is an update of the Junior Club Chess Ladder (all players) based on the two following two tournaments and a tournament happened in February (I just found the record of this one on a paper).

23rd March 2019 team tournament:

Winner is team GA: Alex, Aishling, Sumukh, Thomas (13.5 points).

9th March 2019 two rounds tournament:

A few players got 2 points: Alex Babin, Sargis, Benjamin, Thomas, Sumukh, Aarav.


  1. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Jason Yang. I come from China. I had studied and worked 10 years in Dublin. Even though my family and I live in China , Ireland is still deep inside in my heart.

    In a coincidence,my son is 8 years old and he has learned chess for 2 years in China, and I have been looking for summer chess camp for him in last couple of months, a friend of mine introduce the ICU , and luckily I found the link of your club. After I flipped through the website, I believe your club is what I really want.

    Even so there are still some doubts in my mind:

    1. Is any chess camp of your club in the summer time, and How long will it last?
    2.Can my son join your membership?(He is a Non-EU.)
    3.If he wants play any tournaments in Ireland ,should he represent any clubs or personal?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Yours sincerely,

    Jason Yang

    Liaoning Province
    P. R. China

    • Hi Jason, thanks for the interest on our club. We don’t have a plan to organize summer camp in 2019. The major activities are during the academic term, say September to December, January to June (except public holidays). If your son stays in Ireland during the year, and your home is close to Dublin 15, then, our club is a good place to go. If your son can just attend summer camp, maybe search around the other club. From what I know, through the ICU web, there is a Grand master camp, which is highly recommended (https://www.icu.ie/events/1254, https://www.icu.ie/events/1255). If your son is not staying in Ireland during the year, it is not necessary to attend any club. You attend a lot competition as individual. The same, you can find all the important competitions on ICU website (calendar). Here is one example: https://www.icu.ie/events/1124.

      Regards, Henry

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