Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the All Ireland Junior Chess Championship
Rules and Regulations for the All Ireland Junior Chess Championship

  1.  The rules and regulations governing the Irish Junior Chess Championships will be the same for all age groups (U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U19) except where amended below.
  2.  Time control and number of games are as follows:-
    U8. 15 minute per player time control, Notation is optional, 6 Rounds on Sunday.
    U10. 60 minutes on the clock and notation is mandatory,
    6 rounds, 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.
    U12, U14, U16 & U19. 90 minutes each on the clock and notation is mandatory. 6 Rounds, 1 game Friday night, three games Saturday and two games Sunday.
  3. All events will be rated with the exception of U8’s.
  4. Parents will be allowed in the room until play is about to commence.
  5.  The Tournament Controller’s decision is FINAL.
  6.  Once a game has started no player shall consult with books, computers, scorebooks, coaches or parents until the game has finished as outlined in the ICU handbook and per FIDE rules.
  7.  When a player touches a piece they must move that piece, providing it is a legal move.
  8. In the event of any dispute during the game, the players should stop the clock and look for a supervisor or controller to rule on the issue.
    In the event of a tie for any title (with the exception of the Girls Perpetual Trophy) the following tie breaking systems will be applied in this order: – 1. Median Buchholz, 2. Buchholz, 3. Result of any game played between the tied players, 4. Progressive. If in the event that players cannot be separated after this then the result is deemed to be a tie and first place and the title will be shared.
  9. The Tournament Controller will be assisted by supervisors in each section.
  10.  The tournament will be run using the Swiss Master.
  11.  All players participating in these Championships must abide by these rules and signing the entry form is deemed to be acceptance of these rules.
  12.  It is the responsibility of those entering to ensure that the player is eligible to play in the section they have entered. Under no circumstances will a player be allowed to remain in a section if it is discovered that they are ineligible. After the event, a player discovered to have been ineligible will have any prizes won rescinded.
  13. In order to qualify to win a title a player must also satisfy one the following criteria:   a . A person is born in either Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland – hereinafter Ireland – or had either one or both parents born in Ireland, or is a citizen of the Republic of Ireland
        b. A person not qualifying under the above criterion must have been a resident in Ireland for a period of not less than two years as at 1st January 2015.