Technology Chess Tournament – Monday March 9th

To be good at chess at the top level, you must eventually become expert at using ChessBase or similar software; running chess engines with a maximum number of CPU cores and correct engine set-up; able to automatically update your main repetoire and games database, able to quickly prepare for a next opponent and so forth.

It’s hard to know what chess technology is best to help us improve?

To inspire a conversation about these technical challenges, the club will run a Technology Chess Tournament (entry fee €5 – the event is open to all-comers). This simply means you can play with your laptop/phone or supercomputer running alongside you, also working with a team mate and between you both you can see if your “set-up” proves strongest.

Such a tournament is highly original and we have not heard of one before in Ireland. If you are interested to participate please email John Delaney at to reserve your place. You simply need to provide a team name in your email to John and be at Coolmine Community School on March 9th for an 8pm start time.

It is possible to enter on the night (please attend at 7.45pm) but in this case your entry is not guaranteed.

Technology Chess Tournament (TCT) – DRAFT rules


1. The event is a chess competition between teams.

Team composition.

2. Teams will normally consist of two persons.

3. Teams can be assisted by any form of computer or other technology the team can access.

4. On the night, teams should state in writing the technology used during the event on an entry sheet.

Actual Competition Play

5. Games will typically be 15 minutes each per team.

6. Tournaments will be run as Swiss Tournaments subject to entries.

7. Physical Play

Moves at a board must be made by a nominated player.

Clocks must be pressed by the same nominated player.

Departure from LCU and FIDE rules

8. Conventional rules of chess will not fully apply.

a. There will be no guarantee or need for of silence in the playing hall during games.

b. Chess sets of unusual type (e.g. coloured pieces) may be used.

c. Assistance to select moves via technology will be encouraged.

d. Teams must supply and manage their own technical needs e.g. recharging.

9. Physical room set up

a. A team will have access to a table.

b. This table is normally set up next to the Playing Board.

c. Playing Table and Board will itself have all features of a normal chess game between humans.

d. This means it will have clock (manually operated) board and set (pieces moved by human).

e. It must be clear of technology(laptops etc).

10 Human only teams

a. In practice a team could play without accessing any technology ie a human consultation team. An individual player who wishes to try their hand at beating the assembled technology would be very welcome!

11 Game notations

Teams are asked to email game scores to Controller, to assist in game analysis and a subsequent report on Website.

12 Rules – Revisions and corrections

Additional rules and precisions will be added as experience with controlling these types of new events develops.

Director / Controller

The Controller will provide guidance and decisions.

Where possible, Youth Leaders in club will be asked to control and run the event.

Decisions will be final, subject to a team being allowed a request for a check by playing committee.

If no playing committee is appointed, a request for a decision to be checked can be lodged with the highest rated player in the playing room.

Entry fee


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