Round 1 at 4.10pm – Start of Team 15 competitions – October 15th

T15 events

Three new training tournaments will start in the club on 15th October.  Players have 15 minutes for all moves. Games can last 30 minutes in total. These tournament Games will commence at 4.10pm (Round 1) and 4.40pm (Round 2).  Clocks will be used.


Many thanks to Shane and Ronan and Darragh for organising these events.


To see which group you are in, please check for your name below.

T15 – OPENING GROUP -Tournament Director Shane

Euan Aarav
Abilash Thomas
Ayman Daniel
Maria Andrew
Ethan Alex

T15 – ENDGAMES GROUP -Tournament Director Ronan

iestyn dylan
elliot matthew
Thomas s Sarigs
Mark Connor
Emmily Nika


Please note that there are spelling mistakes in some names here. Sorry! If your name is spelt incorrectly, please let Shane or Ronan know and they will fix the spelling so that it is right.


 T15 – ATTACKERS GROUP -Tournament Director John

This group will also start on Saturday October 15th.

Just tell John if you want to play and he will add your name.



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