Monday – Club challenge – rules

The main thing to bear in mind is that you must be a member of the club to win the prize.

Rules will be adjusted if needed, but we start out with

1 Events are held at 8pm Mondays,  open to all members and visitors, played on lichess, or a period of 1 hours 
2 playing times  will be 5 minutes, increment 3 secs. 
3 first prize of 30 eur to highest placed club member 
4 Only players who are club members at the  time of each event are eligible for prize. Strictly enforced 
5 All prizes will be distributed at the end of the series of 10 week series of Club challenge tournaments 
6. Summary of prizes and events will be posted on club website in DECEMBER 2020
7 club committee retains the right to suspend the series at any time, without giving cause. 

Blanchardstown Club committee

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