Lost Knights €30 Open Challenge

The next Lost Knights €30 Open Challenge will be 8:00pm, 18th Jan, 2021.

Link is: https://lichess.org/swiss/LgThVzwv

Please join the following team first:


Lost Knights is Monday Online OPEN €30 challenge. There will be a €30 first prize for the winner each Monday for 10 weeks. This event is open to all. We normally  limit a winner to two prizes to share the cash around.

Congrats to the winner of the 11st Jan tournament: IM Ferenc83. The link:


Blanchardstown Chess Club Committee


  1. Hello there and Happy New Year! Is John Delaney or who is here? I pressed “JOIN THE TEAM” for your “Lost Knights ” Challenge” tournament but nothing happen. I need to know if at 8 pm I log on Lichess or not. Hope to Year from you shortly. Many Thanks, Gabriel.

    • Hi Gabriel,
      Once you are in the “Blanchardstown Chess Club” team, you can find the latest swiss tournament link on the team page. Click into it, and click join. You had better join the tournament earlier than 8pm (5 mins earlier) and wait. There is a pairing right at 8:00pm. You will miss the pairing if you just open that page and join at 8:00pm.

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