Karl’s training group

On October 15th, Karl Sampil,  one of our top club  juniors, took on a group of our aspiring juniors players!

The event arrangement was a small all play all of 6 players. The plan was that after Karl won each and every game (“He will beat you all” was club coach John Delaney’s straightforward prediction) that he would then give a short master class to his opponents to explain where they had gone wrong and help them develop new ideas and strategies.

Despite the valiant efforts of Jack, Rueben and many  others nobody managed to beat Karl! Or come close!


Many thanks to Karl his help on the junior side coaching. It was great fun too for all concerned and his skills much appreciated.


This is definitely a training format we hope to repeat. It is great to see our top juniors, as Youth leaders, helping to develop the next generation of young players!

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