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Candidates Berlin 2018

Both Luke and Rudolf have played titled players in their first 2 rounds. Luke met IM Deimante Daulyte 2429 in the first round and FM James Jackson 2311 in the second. Rudolf has come up against IM Arghyadip Das 2400 and FM Rakesh Kumar 2247. IM Daulyte has continued his good form by drawing with GM Georg Meier 2648, so it gives a measure of how difficult this tournament is, and we commend the lads for their participation. We are all very proud of you boys.

Irish player Paul Wallace 2200 took down GM Sundar Shayam 2552 in the first round, and even 3 of the top seeds of Wesley So, Mickey Adams and Peter Leko have dropped half points at this early stage. The tournament can be followed live on the Official website.

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