Introducing a Club Ladder

The Club would like to introduce a Ladder system.

Some first ideas have been assembled by John Delaney – see

We need parents to volunteer to design and operate the Ladder. Ideally we can develop it as a fun idea for the children in our own club (and perhaps also elsewhere). There will be a lot of trial and error involved but it will be an interesting and creative challenge! And of course, in the end, it is of fairly immediate and real value to the children.

There are more questions than answers at present! How will players know where they are on the Ladder? Will they see this inthe Club each week? Can they move up and down by challenging other players to a ‘friendly’ game? How does the real achievement of migrating from one Level to another get recognised and rewarded? Wil we have t-shirts and Badges? What exactly is a junior player passport? As volunteers, we want to help others in an open and sharing manner. So, how can our ideas be shared with other Junior clubs – perhaps, can every club use the same website and approach?

As we meet at the Saturday Junior Club, it would be great if Parents could discuss the idea of a Ladder and if you, as a parent, then volunteered to help make the Ladder real!

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