Has anyone seen Luke Scott??

Luke Scott

Missing…in action…no, that does not sound right, In Luke’s case……… inaction is more than likely, and before the nasty replies come forth defending our talented Clubmate….we would like to wish Luke every success as he competes in the World Youth Championship Under 18’s in Uruguay. Yep, another few miles South and he’d fall off the face of the Earth. …ever had the feeling that someone wants you far far away!!! Famous Uruguayans include the renowned soccer player…..”Chewy” Luis Suarez……so watch your fingers Luke!

Seriously kiddo, do yourself proud….we’re all shouting for you. Give ’em hell!!


  1. Yes, I have spotted him! His tournament games are listed on the website Chess24. They are carrying the event live. So we, his mates from Blanchardstown, wish him fantastic success…… and we can follow his opening selection live!!

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