Grand Prix 2 – November 11th

Congratulations to Matthew Grehan, Alex Babin, Richard, Sargis, Andrew and Tomasz on winning through with 100% scores in GP2.

We were very grateful for Rudolf Tirziman for running the event, with Sean McLoughlin overviewing and coaching players as game results arrived.

Margaret (Carter’s Mam) and Mariada (Jacobo’s Mam) acted as controllers.

As a seasoned tournament observer, I can add that what was remarkable was that the event was run by hand, which involves a lot of complicated pairing and scoring tasks behind the scenes that take time. It would be so much easier if we had the normal laptops and projectors the FIDE arbriters (“chess referees”) access and use! All done at breakneck speed by Rudolf to keep the games flowing!!

Thanks also to all the volunteer parents for organising all so well. We were unexpectedly in Class Rooms so this was a new space for us to get used to and an extra challenge. It was all very efficiently stewarded by our volunteer parents, on the hallways so many thanks!!

Blanchardstown Club committee


PS Sorry for missing you out on first report Matthew, absolute cheek of me to forget to mention a winner! I blame my eyesight myself!!  If ever anyone sees a mistake, do please let me know !   Well done Matthew !! (John Delaney )

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