Ennis Shield (div3) Blanchardstown – Bray

Charlton Hotel
Charlton Hotel

Due to limited acces at Montview we played at the Charlton Hotel




  1. We lost the first 2 games, however we won the rest. Very proud of our youngsters Danny and slightly older youngster Luke to bring home the bacon. Sorry Gavin, but the picture of your score sheet was all wonky. Analyse your own game and you make it to the website for sure.
    Thanks Manolis, Luke and John to make it possible to have a great game of chess in the very best of locations and very well organized too. Thanks!

  2. Well done everyone!

    I think we are 9 points clear of automatic promotion at ths stage, looking very strong. Our team plays well enough to be in the Armstrong. We just need a few more players to join us to ensure we have a 8-10 player squad next year!

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