DU you know what happened at the Alsaa today?………….lots and lots of frayed Nerves!!!

We all knew it would come down to the wire between ourselves and Dublin University, and so it proved. Let me explain….tension ruled the airwaves at both ends of the table…as we faced 5th placed Phibsboro, and DU faced relegation threatened Dublin. With tension comes nerves, plenty of those on show…..though a nerveless Gavin was soon joined by its cousin …….pointless! DU went 1 up and thus increased the tension-o-meter. Piotr matched the DU score with a classy smooth performance, followed by a chaos to calm play from Sean who also was feeling the pressure. making it 2-1 to us, and with Dublin pulling a game back, it was 2-1 to DU as well. All down to the last 2 boards…
Robbie was informed earlier in the week, that his match would be pivotal…just to settle his nerves!! and he rose to the challenge in a monumental struggle to make it 3-1. With having a 1 point advantage pre-match, it was left to the Captain to secure a title winning draw, and he waited, ………waited, ….whilst building up a winning position, positionally. materially and on the clock. Little did he know that Sean was in a state of increasing self combustion, pacing up and down the room, his face revealing various stages of suffering and inward thinking………”take the draw…take the draw”…Had Stefan known of this….he might have waited more…………..but by then, his nerves were well shredded at this point and as he felt the cold creeping hand of mental paralysis overtake the few functioning grey cells…his draw offer was not refused. We don’t know what happened at the Alsaa in the relegation decider between Celbridge & Naomh Barrog, other than that match too, came down to a final board, but there were 2 winners….Tension….and us!! Cup winners…at last!!


Well done to everyone who competed.


  1. Congratulations on winning the league guys! You absolutely crushed it and unfortunately we just couldn’t keep up you, despite best efforts. Good luck in the O’Hanlon next season!

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