Club Ladder – new rating list on 20th February

To recognise and reward players who attend at the club regularly, it is planned to provide a rating bonus of 10 points each time you attend the club. Each time you attend the junior club you will earn 10 points on the Club Ladder rating system until the end of June. This reflects the fact that by playing and training at the club you continue to improve your chess strength. The rating bonus will also be backdated to September 2016 to ensure fairness.

Taking this and some other changes into account, it is expected to publish new revised ladder ratings after the next Junior club meeting (20th February).

If you or your parent/guardian have any queries on these change, please talk to John Delaney our club coach at the Junior Club. He will explain what is involved for you.

Next week, we also hope to publish the latest ladder positions by Age Group.


Blanchardstown Junior committee



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