Blanchardstown Chess club – Annual general (AGM) meeting minutes (July 4, 2019)

Attendance: Joe Gartlan, John Delaney, Minh Tran, Henry Liu, Tomek Florczak

1.       Standard annual reports

a.       The minute for year 2018/19 was approved.

b.       Officer reports

Chair: A general overview of a successful year was provided by John Delaney.

Secretary:                           No significant correspondence was outstanding.

Treasurer report:              A detailed finance report is attached to the AGM from the Treasurer (Treasurer was not able to attend the AGM, but provided the report)

2.       Club Committee (2019/20)

Note: elected for year from July 4th 2019, and forward until a following AGM.

Chair:                                                                   John Delaney

Secretary:                                                           Henry Liu

Treasurer:                                                          Susan Looby

Membership officer:                                      Mariada Fidanza

Child Protection officer:                                Joe Gartlan        

Senior Club leader:                                          Marius Antohi

Tournament and event directors:              Minh Tran

                                                                           Tomek Florczak

3.       Appointment of captains (Leinster senior teams)

The club has applied a policy of appointing at least two persons to captain and lead senior teams at the AGM, to allow time for captains to organise their team squads for the new season.

Armstrong (Div 1):           Marius Antohi, Gabor Bolkeny, Sean McLoughlin

O’Hanlon (Div 4) :             Mark Cummins, Sheena Tiernan

Bodley (Div 6):                   David Borton, Henry Liu


(1)    Teams should advise Henry Liu (secretary) of team captaincy arrangements by 1 September, ideally identifying 2 persons to ensure backup if needed during season.

(2)    All senior squad players must  join the club (complete membership form and pay relevant fees) before end September 2019 to be eligible to represent the club.

4.       Child Protection Committee

The AGM Appointed the following members to Child Protection Committee (CPC), to assist Child Protection officer under the club policy

[a] Joe Gartlan (ex-officio, as child protection officer)

[b] John Delaney (chair)

[c] Susan Looby, (treasurer)

5.       Policy decisions (AGM)

The following were discussed and approved:

[a] that the club should run a tournament of some kind to celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2019/20 season

[b] that work be progressed on coaching, including sourcing coaching resources (tablets) to advantage senior and junior players

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