Blancardstown B Team defeat Elm Mount

Darragh Comey

The Blanchardstown B team chalked up their first victory of the season, in the Bodley League, with an impressive 3.5 to 1.5 win over Elm Mount.

 Board Blanchardstown Result Elm Mount
1 Comey, John 0 – 1 MacGowan, Sean
2  Baczkowski, Piotr 1 – 0 Davoren, Sean
3 Unnithan, Vinayak 1/2 – 1/2  Murray, Kevin
4 Cummins, Mark 1 – 0  Mooney, Colm
5  Comey, Darragh 1 – 0  Doyle, Patrick J.

Thanks to Stefan for analyzing 2 of the games from the match below.

Board 2: Piotr Baczkowski

Piotr Baczkowski (1083) 1-0 Sean Davoran (1033)

Board 5: Darragh Comey:

[White “P.J. Doyle (818)”] 0-1[Black “Darragh Comey(366)”]

BING !! Be wary of small children with smaller ratings. The Strongest Poison comes with the smallest package.

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