Ancients – Euan and Emily

Ancients 15 minute all play all

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, our reporter was told that the event about to commence was called the “Ancients“, being named so by Mr Euan Bell.

In fact this event consisted of a 15 minute all play all with a slight rules tweak affecting the scoring. The rule tweak was that players who used more than 10 minutes (of the 15 minutes available) scored an extra point along with their normal score from the actual play! Thus up to 2 points were available in each round played.

At 4.05pm, participants began their normal pre-match preparation: Theodore and George told loud jokes and giggled away; Emily checked the hair; and Euan checked the hat, With all in place and ready. the Controller pressed the white clocks and play commenced. Tension filled the air……

Round 1

George and Theodore were very slow to realise the rule change! That said they realised it soon enough once the first results were announced!!

Emily 1-0 Theodore

Euan 2-0 George

Round 2

George 1 – 2 Emily

Theodore 0- 2 Euan

Here we saw a more skillful use of time by George. Close games!

Round 3

Euan 1 – 2 Emily

George 1.5 – 1.5 Throdore

The game between Euan and Emily was intriguing. Down to seconds left, they had a tough tussle. Calm players in huge time trouble. Really calm! Overall a great competition and interesting for the crowd of spectators!  Emily won this third round game and so caught up with Euan to come joint first!

Final Scores

1st Euan, Emily 5

2nd George 2.5

3rd Theodore 1.5


Overall, the Ancients put in place a great training tournament, full of entertainment!!

I suppose, until our next event,  the two really ancients players in the club are now officially Emily and Euan…….

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